Saturday, October 13, 2007

EIOffice with Harmony

It's a good news to Apache Harmony community that, a developer testing version (v0.02) of "EIOffice with Harmony" bundle was released on sourceforge at

EIOffice is an office suite written in pure Java based on Java swing. It has complete functionalities for document processing, presentation creation, and spreadsheet generation. EIOffice is developed by Evermore Software Co., a company locating in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province of China. EIOffice is the abbreviation of "Evermore Integrated Office", so sometimes it's called EIO as well. It's "integrated" because it is a single application that support all the three types of office documents processing (document, presentation and spreadsheet). The data can be "linked" between them, such as from a spreadsheet into a report presentation. One an update is made to one site, all its linked sites will be updated accordingly and automatically.

The real appealing feature of EIOffice to a software developer is, it's written in pure Java, but there is no obvious performance issue in my using experience. And the memory footprint is acceptable (or surprisingly lower than expected).

To make EIOffice to work with Harmony is a serious exercise on Harmony graphics classlib support (swing/awt/Java2D). It's said EIOffice the world-largest single (desktop) application written in Java. Once Harmony can run all its functionalities smoothly, that probably means Harmony is ready for any Java desktop applications. The current bundle is version 0.02. It's still a long way to go, but considering the fast progress of Apache Harmony development, I believe a version 1.0 could be expected in a couple of quarters.

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